PREAMBLE :  I need to be honest.  Writing this blog has, for some reason, not been very easy for me.  Its really been a combo of the following – sometimes I cant find the apostrophe, question mark on a keyboard, and other times the computer is just so slow.  But mostly it has been the intimidation of writing in a blog format with polished content.  Currently I have about 6 pages of notes with anecdotes and the like to remind myself of things to write about but something, perhaps all that I have been experiencing in this amazing country, has prevented me from writing anything for days. And I apologize to the many of you that kept visiting my blog only to see that I hadn`t posted anything.  So bear with me while I work on getting some of these experiences on paper.

Salvador is the epicenter of some of Northeastern Brazil`s most vibrant culture, and I was eager to see such a unique place that I knew would be so different from Rio.

Bahiana women in Salvador

The Pelourinho in Salvador is an amazingly colorful and historical colonial center.  Throughout its cobblestoned streets  lies many artisan shops, capoeira schools, samba drum academies and the like and right away, you can feel the richness of this place, both from the diversity of its people and the various ways it has incorporated African influence.

Banhoo de pipoca (shower of popcorn) - Candomble (Afro-Brazilian) ritual at a church in Salvador