The travel agencies here in Olinda and Recife have been less than ideal – Naseef can attest to my near breakdown yesterday evening…and since most Brazilian airline websites do not allow foreigners to book online, I have had to commit to an insane flight schedule to reach Argentina.  But I guess such is the reality of having an open-ended travel schedule!

Here goes it:

Leave Recife tonight on a 12:35am flight to Rio

Arrive Rio at 3:30am

Spend 7 hours doing God knows what in the airport

Board a flight (hopefully if Im not passed out somewhere in the airport) at 10:15am

1:45pm – land in Buenos Aires

You dont even want to know what I am paying for this loco flight!

Much more to recount of Salvador, Recife, and Olinda but everything is in draft format right now given how slow and expensive the internet is here.  Tonight in Olinda is a big party with a samba group and capoeira (Im never quite sure what the parties celebrate, there are always just many of them), that given my weird flight schedule I will be able to see, so I am very excited to have one last opportunity to photograph Brazil!

Hopefully I make it to Argentina in the next 24 hours…