I’m going to be 29 in three days.  Almost 30.  It’s got me thinking about my life and where I am going.  I have now been in Buenos Aires for just over six months, which I can’t quite believe.  Time has literally flown by.  And yet I live in a city that feels like it moves at the quarter the speed of NY.  I feel happy, more relaxed, and very satisfied with my life here, and I arrive home from a long day at work feeling energetic and alive.  I still cannot explain why and what it is exactly that brings me this happiness.  But it’s a good feeling.

When I left New York back in November I had no idea how things would work out, and had thoughts that I might be making a big mistake.  I left with nothing – no job, apartment, friends, contacts, and thought there was a good chance I might be back in three months.  But here I find myself with a life that has somehow fallen nicely into place.

Some days I walk the streets and have to stop for a minute to think where I am.  I look around at the different faces, I look down at the crumbling sidewalks. It’s my pinch myself moment that gets my heart racing a bit.  It’s strange to say but sometimes I forget where I have come from, that I’m in this totally foreign place, a 13-hour flight from home.  And then I keep moving.

This experience has taught me a lot about myself and having faith in my own capabilities.  I don’t think I knew what I was capable of before.  But I have kept positive about things and worked hard to try to make a life here possible.  You have to, as Tim Gunn says, “make it work.”  Sure it has not been easy.  But I keep learning new things, meeting new people, having new experiences, and exploring where I might want to go next.

Do I know where I’m going yet?  What business I want to start, how I envision my future, how I will ever sit still in one place?  No, not yet.  But I feel like I’m on the right track.