La Boca, Buenos Aires

About a year and a half ago quit my job on Wall Street and booked a trip to travel Asia solo.  One of the things I really enjoyed about the experience, despite being solo, was recounting my experiences there.  Whether it was the crazy sensory overload of a market in Bangkok, or time I spent teaching 4th and 5th graders English at a school in a small town called Sa Kaeo, a day spent walking the Great Wall of China, or touring Angkor Wat, there was so much to process and I felt the need to share some of my experiences with friends and family through emails.  After all, it was my first time visiting a developing country and what I didn’t realize until after the trip was the life lessons I learned and how my perspective had changed.

Many friends and family expressed how much they enjoyed reading about my experiences, which quite surprised me because it had been so easy for me to simply just write what I was feeling that I hadn’t spent much time making it into something that I actually thought was good writing.  I thought of it more was just a great way to keep a memory of my travels.  Lucky for me, my sister liked my emails so much, she had them beautifully bound in a book for me!

When I told people about my plans to travel in South America (alone once again), many suggested I start a blog.  I’m sure for many people my emails had dragged on with many unnecessary details, often full of typos and the like from foreign keyboards.  But the one comment almost everyone had was that my stories made them feel like they were experiencing everything right there with me.  So in the hopes of sharing stories of foreign lands with everyone in the same way, but maybe with a bit more organization and conciseness, I have started this blog.

Having grown up with a father whose job is to travel the world and take beautiful photos, my travel bug is innate and really began to take off about eight years ago when I studied abroad in Italy.  My father and I have been in a heated competition for years, keeping track of all the countries we have visited with tacks on a world map, making up rules such as you can’t say you have visited a country if you have only seen its airport.   He is still beating me in our game, but I hope to one day catch up.  Whatever my motivation for travel though, I know in my heart that it will be something I will continue to have a passion for and actively pursue for the rest of my life.

**As of November 15th, 2009 I officially moved to Buenos Aires, and will continue sharing my stories and adventures as a Manhattanite now living the porteño life.