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When in Rome, right?  The other weekend in Buenos Aires was one of the world’s most well known soccer classics – Boca Juniors vs. River Plate.  This rivalry is so intense it would be best described as fanatical, and I was set on being there for the action.  We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to pouring rain.  The game didn’t start until 2pm so I was hopeful it would stop before then.  At the last minute, I decided that even though probably not the smartest idea, I was going bring my professional Nikon camera to the game.  There had been too many moments in the past when I had hesitated to bring it places and then missed capturing an amazing experience, so I decided it was worth the risk.  I remembered a trick my dad taught me and grabbed two large zip lock bags and my waterproof Patagonia jacket on the way out.  We rode out to the stadium with rain pounding on the windows of the van, it seeming less and less probable that the rain would stop before the game.

When we arrived we found ourselves amongst a group of people standing near a training center close to the stadium. Read the rest of this entry »


[Disclaimer:  I have been having some amazing life moments in the past few weeks and I realize that for that very reason I have been totally slacking with writing.  Just the other day I read that the worst thing you can do as a blogger is leave your followers without a new post to read.  I couldn’t agree more.  As a blog reader myself, I can’t describe the disappointment I experience when I visit a site and there is nothing new.  So I hope I haven’t frustrated you too much, the good thing being that all that I was experiencing will make for some compelling posts.]

To experience a futbol game in Argentina alongside the most intense die-hard fans in the sport is something that leaves a lasting memory.  It´s hard to think of a single sport in the U.S. that garners the same kind of universal passion and zeal – in fact, there isn’t one. I had been to an Inter game while living in Milan, the only other live experience I had, and I remembered loving everything about it.  Read the rest of this entry »