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My favorite street in Buenos Aires

November 15th was officially my one-year anniversary in Buenos Aires.  I wanted to write a special post that day but I couldn’t think of anything good to say.  It was one of those oh-my-god-time-has-totally-flown-by moments when I had to sit and think if I had anything noteworthy to write about one year later, sort of like the feeling you have on New Year’s day when you reflect back on your resolutions from the year before and if you accomplished any.

So what have I learned since I got here?

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What is it like to live in a foreign country?

At first everything seems so different.  It’s a feeling that I cannot explain but the second I’m off that plane and out onto the street I feel it.  The smell is different, the sounds, the rhythm of life, the faces.  The cars are often the first thing I notice.  I take note of how small they are, how many more motorbikes there are, how much faster speeds they travel at. Then of course the street life itself; what people do in the street, what is the being sold, the shop signs, what is sold, how differently it is sold.

All of a sudden with no warning at all, I reach a point where I don’t notice these small things anymore.  Lately I have been feeling this way.   Read the rest of this entry »