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Don´t get me wrong. I am not a hypochondriac.  But sometimes, I look around and start wondering about all the unhealthy habits people have in Argentina. Things that few people seem worried about. I drink coffee at work now. Every single day.  As I look down at our white mugs stained permanently brown, all I can think is what it must be doing to my teeth and feel the urgent need to go and brush them.  I watch people sip mate (see my other post, ¨The Uruguayan Obsession¨) all day long, and while there isn’t the obesity problem we have back home, all I think about is how many spoonfuls of sugar are being consumed and how it is that half this population isn’t on their way to diabetes. I watch my coworkers down a 2.5 liter bottle of regular Coke before noon and almost everyone around me put what must be a week’s worth of salt on things, from salad to fries to crackers, to pizza.

Safety standard differences are another thing. In Argentina I´m not sure there even is a standard.   Read the rest of this entry »


My favorite street in Buenos Aires

November 15th was officially my one-year anniversary in Buenos Aires.  I wanted to write a special post that day but I couldn’t think of anything good to say.  It was one of those oh-my-god-time-has-totally-flown-by moments when I had to sit and think if I had anything noteworthy to write about one year later, sort of like the feeling you have on New Year’s day when you reflect back on your resolutions from the year before and if you accomplished any.

So what have I learned since I got here?

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One of my favorite things about living in Buenos Aires is getting to know my neighborhood.  Fortunately for me, I have lived in three different neighborhoods already so I’ve had a chance to explore several.  Just like in New York, everything you need is usually in a few block radius.  I’ve now reached the point where I feel like I have “mastered” my neighborhood.

The guys working at the fiamberia at my corner, which sells cold cuts, cheeses (and the Argentine version of bacon which I recently discovered), now shout “New York, New York” when I come in.   Caddie corner is the fruit and vegetable stand I discovered has THE best produce in the neighborhood. The guy who always helps me is from Peru and makes sure to select the best fruit and tells me what’s good that week.   I know which kiosk will actually give me prized “monedas” to ride the bus when I am desperate, and which always carries the cell phone calling card I need, and another that sells a carton of my favorite fresh squeezed orange juice for only 7 pesos. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m going to be 29 in three days.  Almost 30.  It’s got me thinking about my life and where I am going.  I have now been in Buenos Aires for just over six months, which I can’t quite believe.  Time has literally flown by.  And yet I live in a city that feels like it moves at the quarter the speed of NY.  I feel happy, more relaxed, and very satisfied with my life here, and I arrive home from a long day at work feeling energetic and alive.  I still cannot explain why and what it is exactly that brings me this happiness.  But it’s a good feeling.

When I left New York back in November I had no idea how things would work out, and had thoughts that I might be making a big mistake.  Read the rest of this entry »