One of my favorite things about living in Buenos Aires is getting to know my neighborhood.  Fortunately for me, I have lived in three different neighborhoods already so I’ve had a chance to explore several.  Just like in New York, everything you need is usually in a few block radius.  I’ve now reached the point where I feel like I have “mastered” my neighborhood.

The guys working at the fiamberia at my corner, which sells cold cuts, cheeses (and the Argentine version of bacon which I recently discovered), now shout “New York, New York” when I come in.   Caddie corner is the fruit and vegetable stand I discovered has THE best produce in the neighborhood. The guy who always helps me is from Peru and makes sure to select the best fruit and tells me what’s good that week.   I know which kiosk will actually give me prized “monedas” to ride the bus when I am desperate, and which always carries the cell phone calling card I need, and another that sells a carton of my favorite fresh squeezed orange juice for only 7 pesos. Read the rest of this entry »